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Server Care

For prime performance and security, each of your servers requires monthly patching and updates. Regular back-ups are also strongly advised. Event Driven takes care of all this, and monitors each machine’s performance 24/7. PLUS our SERVER CARE package includes unlimited support per OS Instance, which simply means that if we’re managing it for you, we’re supporting it for you with NO limits.

Workstation Care

What keeps your computer running fast and reliably is a continuous cycle of patches, security updates, and monitoring by a trained eye which knows what will help you and what will weigh you down. Event Driven’s WORKSTATION CARE includes all this plus unlimited support per OS Instance, which means that if we’re managing it for you, we’re supporting it for you with NO limits.

Application Care

When keeping certain applications (like EMR, CRM, Help Desk Ticketing software, etc.) running without interruption is critical for your business, you want to consider the enhanced monitoring provided in our APPLICATION CARE package. This includes custom plugin development work to fit the app, and special staffing to ensure your business moves forward smoothly.

Network Gear

The hardware which connects you with the internet and your internal network needs its own consistent regimen of firmware updates, similar to servers and workstations. Want a no-hassle way to ensure that your system stays up? Get Event Driven’s NETWORK CARE package.

Database Care

If you are a data-driven business, keeping your database performing at top speed 24/7 is a must! Our DATABASE CARE package was specifically designed with you in mind. This includes the enhanced monitoring and back-ups you need, along with special staffing dedicated to your success.

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